Hear Me Roar: International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day 2021, an important day for recognizing women everywhere across all socially constructed divisions and arbitrarily decided upon lines. On this day it is important that we reflect on who women are and why we recognize our gender on this day. Being a woman is increasingly understood as an identity and not necessarily a gender assignment upon birth. While yes, anatomically, if you are assigned a certain body at conception by nature then you will most likely fall into the category of being female, however you may also grow to identify as a woman with time, … Continue reading Hear Me Roar: International Women’s Day 2021

Silence Is NOT A Solution

We are living in a time where people are asking serious questions about our police forces. The Black Lives Matter movement has shed an incredible light on the unjust treatment of visible minorities at the hands of those who are supposed to serve and protect. I am not a visible minority but I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I have experienced police brutality in my own home, and I have also been saved by police. I am critical of anyone in a position of power, but especially those that abuse that role. However, I have been unable … Continue reading Silence Is NOT A Solution

#WorldWarIII: A 2020 Reaction

The general usage of #WorldWarIII on social media demonstrates just how out of touch with the devastation of war some people are. While I know that I myself have been guilty of making jokes at inappropriate times, an escalation of tensions in the global system is not exactly how we want to be stepping into 2020. As a society our goal should be to de-escalate rising tensions worldwide, not add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately for the world system, right now the “leader of the free world” is a man who acts with little regard for the post he actually … Continue reading #WorldWarIII: A 2020 Reaction