A Current Perspective On Reality

I am an expert in my own experience, that is what I can offer you. From what I have researched, where I have worked, the places I have volunteered, the things I have done and the places I have been, I have acquired knowledge and skill sets often with the intention of healing others. I am no expert on reality, but I can offer you the perspective of someone who has given it a lot of thought, both for interest purposes and for survival. Lately the media has had no choice but to report on many things it may not … Continue reading A Current Perspective On Reality

DAY 2: Embracing Your Own “New Normal”

Every day or so, it is common to hear the phrase the “new normal” thrown around in conversation. The “new normal” is like this mythological creature of the future filled with uncertainty and imagination. We are starting to see the implementation of rules worldwide that may constitute what the “new normal” looks like, but still it is hard to say, given that we are still mid-pandemic. Embracing your own “new normal” versus the collective “new normal” as dictated by society is pivotal to your mental health. Caution against using others comparatively as a measure for who you are supposed to … Continue reading DAY 2: Embracing Your Own “New Normal”

Writing Services Free Of Charge for COVID-19 Help

If anyone needs writing done for their businesses at this time, I am offering my writing services free of charge. Whether it’s for constructing sensitive e-mails to staff or the public, informative articles or anything that requires the written word, my services are available to you. I have years of professional writing experience, strength in political analysis and mental health consciousness. If you or anyone you know needs a writer on their team right now please send an e-mail to ariellelondonma@gmail.com. Wishing everyone a safe social distancing. Continue reading Writing Services Free Of Charge for COVID-19 Help