5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

London Mind Fit is my mental health website where I discuss all things related to mental wellness! Since I launched the site I have wanted to start an interview segment called “5 Questions With” and it finally came to life with this Kibbi Linga interview! Kibbi Linga is an artist in Los Angeles with a talent for the visual arts and a genuine ability to captivate her audience. The way Kibbi includes her followers in her journey by capturing her therapeutic artistic process is remarkable and the stunning visuals she creates are equally as fascinating! Check out 5 Questions With…. … Continue reading 5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

DAY 6: Dr. Thema Tweets

I do a lot of healing work in my own life. I do the inner healing work so that I can be effective and responsible with the outer healing work. It is a process and one that I am learning to be more and more patient with every single day. Somewhere along that journey, I came across a pool of wisdom also known as “Dr. Thema’s Twitter” and began devouring the “twitt-erature” in front of me. It was literally prose in short form text that often could paint an entire image of my life in one tweet with one strong … Continue reading DAY 6: Dr. Thema Tweets

#WorldWarIII: A 2020 Reaction

The general usage of #WorldWarIII on social media demonstrates just how out of touch with the devastation of war some people are. While I know that I myself have been guilty of making jokes at inappropriate times, an escalation of tensions in the global system is not exactly how we want to be stepping into 2020. As a society our goal should be to de-escalate rising tensions worldwide, not add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately for the world system, right now the “leader of the free world” is a man who acts with little regard for the post he actually … Continue reading #WorldWarIII: A 2020 Reaction

News Fast

I took a break from my Timeline to re-calibrate. I do this from time to time and almost always find a step away from social media to be healthy. The first day or two back I eased into seeing what news was circulating, but by Day 3 or 4 all hell had broken loose online on topics that I feel quite passionately about…so I joined the discourse. Twitter has always been one of my more favorite social media outlets. I’m a writer and Twitter is a writer’s medium. By now I’d say maybe SoundCloud has surpassed Twitter as far as … Continue reading News Fast