Hear Me Roar: International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day 2021, an important day for recognizing women everywhere across all socially constructed divisions and arbitrarily decided upon lines. On this day it is important that we reflect on who women are and why we recognize our gender on this day. Being a woman is increasingly understood as an identity and not necessarily a gender assignment upon birth. While yes, anatomically, if you are assigned a certain body at conception by nature then you will most likely fall into the category of being female, however you may also grow to identify as a woman with time, … Continue reading Hear Me Roar: International Women’s Day 2021

DAY 22: Adulting

Being an adult is learning that you can’t always do the thing that you want to do, but rather you should do the right thing. Whether that is the responsible thing, the productive thing, or the moral thing, as you grow so does your relationship with doing what is right. When you’re a child you can often rationalize that “you don’t know any better” and so your choices are 50/50. But when you’re an adult, a seasoned human being on this planet living life by trial and error, you can’t plead ignorance, can you? Especially if you have been in … Continue reading DAY 22: Adulting

DAY 9: Pain Shaming

Something that you know is real isn’t hard to believe, even if it’s difficult for others. So what you know in your life experience to be true is not going to be difficult for you to believe when someone says something else of a similar nature. Life takes you on twists and turns, and a part of that is experiencing pain. We all know what pain feels like and we can relate to different types of pain (physical, emotional, psychological etc.), and yet for some reason we all seem so hellbent on inflicting pain on those around us. It is … Continue reading DAY 9: Pain Shaming

Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)

I found my ground going through my triggers, not by avoiding them. I dismantled them from root to end to discover they only had power because I gave it to them. As a singer I couldn’t abandon music even when it was misleading me mentally as it was one of my triggers. I dove head first into the recording process and learned about the very thing that was nurturing unhealthy patterns of thought. I learned about music by doing what was at first uncomfortable as a beginner again, watched documentaries and engrossed in discographies. I delved into literature on trauma, … Continue reading Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)