The American Oversight

For years now you have heard me preach the importance of children’s rights, and lately you’ve heard me get a little bit louder. Chances are, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Vocal holds regular writing competitions and when the opportunity to enter a challenge titled (Un)Common Knowledge presented itself, I had to present the current most important political fact I know: The United States is the only country in the world not yet to have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Check out the full article here. Continue reading The American Oversight

COVID-19: An Opinion

At first when I learned of Coronavirus I thought that the media was sensationalizing the topic. Grabbing your attention online is almost everyone’s end game at this point, from the social media influencer to the large news corporation with an HQ. But everyone is curbing their behaviors right now. It doesn’t matter how large or small your cohort, one thing that is remaining the same is that people still want to solicit your attention and or potentially turn a profit. They just have to get creative with how to do it now because let’s face it, COVID-19 is getting more … Continue reading COVID-19: An Opinion

Welcome back Arielle London, from yourself.

Dear Me, You are dope. Let’s just start there. Only you know your experience, and only you know the balancing beam that you do one-handed cartwheels on. Well…some people have seen you do those cartwheels and they don’t know why; some don’t. They can’t comprehend it. But some do. Steer clear of the spirits who do and pretend like they don’t. That’s a world of hate that no one needs.  But some do. And that is where you feel true support. Trust what pushes you in a productive direction, not only positive. The feeling of happiness can be fleeting but … Continue reading Welcome back Arielle London, from yourself.