DAY 10: Greek Isles

About a year and a half ago I was working a job that I absolutely despised. And at this job that I absolutely despised was a coworker that I disliked even more. He was a loud older man compared to his younger counterparts and he always seemed to have a negative spin on everything. At the time I was a cigarette smoker and I was sitting outside on a break enjoying a cigarette when all of a sudden said coworker was all up in my space with his hand out. My headphones were on and blasting so I didn’t notice … Continue reading DAY 10: Greek Isles

DAY 9: Pain Shaming

Something that you know is real isn’t hard to believe, even if it’s difficult for others. So what you know in your life experience to be true is not going to be difficult for you to believe when someone says something else of a similar nature. Life takes you on twists and turns, and a part of that is experiencing pain. We all know what pain feels like and we can relate to different types of pain (physical, emotional, psychological etc.), and yet for some reason we all seem so hellbent on inflicting pain on those around us. It is … Continue reading DAY 9: Pain Shaming

DAY 5: The Early Bird

Good Morning Interwebs! Part of my 30 Day Challenge is making sure that I am awake by a certain time every morning. So far, most mornings, I wake up even before my alarm goes off and I start my day. This new feeling of having the entire day laid out in front of me (and new habit of trying to get into bed early as well) has left me feeling refreshed. Well, definitely in the mornings… at night, I am ready for sleep way earlier than before. But also, I am making a real effort to get into bed even … Continue reading DAY 5: The Early Bird

Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

The thing about putting out music is that you change. You evolve. Over time we grow and in my case as I have grown my mind has cemented. That might sound unattractive to some, but those who know mental anguish know that they may have prayed for that cement to finally come into place. I planned my structure, my mind was in ruins, and not by my own torch burning. COVID tested a lot of us, myself included, but I knew I was being confined to my own home…I had been through worse. I worried about the women and children … Continue reading Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

NEW MUSIC: No One Wins At War

This song is dedicated to every woman who has ever found their body as the battlefield. No one wins at war. Vocals & Lyrics: Arielle LondonInstrumental: The Fugees – Ready or Not I found this song in The Vault tonight. The lyrics were too relevant for the time not to release. At a moment in history where we are seeing a rise in domestic violence cases, this women’s rights track hit me too hard not to share. Hope it resonates, A. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: No One Wins At War

My 70-Song Playlist Getting Me Through COVID-19

Discovering new music is one of the greatest joys in life. If you’re like me, finding that new song to add to your playlist gets you excited kinda like when the ice cream man used to come through. Except instead of sugary treats on overload they deliver fire beats, poignant lyricism, something to dance to, or something to think about. We all interact with music differently, but here’s a look at my playlist getting me through COVID-19. There’ll be some joints you know and some you don’t but feel free to add them to your libraries as well! Majority are … Continue reading My 70-Song Playlist Getting Me Through COVID-19

Van Gogh of Rap

When it comes to many different types of art, people are completely fine, and totally normal about you being an artist. It’s like, “oh you paint? Cool. That’s nice, you paint in your leisure time, that’s really nice for you.” You know, that kind of response. But if you’re a rapper, or a singer, it’s as though you automatically must consider yourself as the best in your genre… or that you aspire to be the best in your genre.  Like you have to be the Van Gogh of rap. And I gotta ask, do you aspire to be Van Gogh? … Continue reading Van Gogh of Rap

NEW MUSIC: Not Your Ex-Girlfriend

I may be a lot of things, but one thing that I can guarantee you is I’m NOT your ex-girlfriend. Too often we project characteristics from our past relationships onto our new ones. We are influenced by the ghosts of our dating past to assume that the next person is the same as the last. Whether it is our trust issues, fears of commitment, or other concerns when it comes to matters of the heart we often use our past to misjudge our future. This song is about individuality, sex, dating and labels. You can listen to my new single … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Not Your Ex-Girlfriend