DAY 2: Embracing Your Own “New Normal”

Every day or so, it is common to hear the phrase the “new normal” thrown around in conversation. The “new normal” is like this mythological creature of the future filled with uncertainty and imagination. We are starting to see the implementation of rules worldwide that may constitute what the “new normal” looks like, but still it is hard to say, given that we are still mid-pandemic. Embracing your own “new normal” versus the collective “new normal” as dictated by society is pivotal to your mental health. Caution against using others comparatively as a measure for who you are supposed to … Continue reading DAY 2: Embracing Your Own “New Normal”

My 70-Song Playlist Getting Me Through COVID-19

Discovering new music is one of the greatest joys in life. If you’re like me, finding that new song to add to your playlist gets you excited kinda like when the ice cream man used to come through. Except instead of sugary treats on overload they deliver fire beats, poignant lyricism, something to dance to, or something to think about. We all interact with music differently, but here’s a look at my playlist getting me through COVID-19. There’ll be some joints you know and some you don’t but feel free to add them to your libraries as well! Majority are … Continue reading My 70-Song Playlist Getting Me Through COVID-19

Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)

I found my ground going through my triggers, not by avoiding them. I dismantled them from root to end to discover they only had power because I gave it to them. As a singer I couldn’t abandon music even when it was misleading me mentally as it was one of my triggers. I dove head first into the recording process and learned about the very thing that was nurturing unhealthy patterns of thought. I learned about music by doing what was at first uncomfortable as a beginner again, watched documentaries and engrossed in discographies. I delved into literature on trauma, … Continue reading Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)

Girl, Interrupted

I didn’t mean to be Girl, Interrupted. No one actively chooses that path. In fact, I had the choice in 2010 and I chose not to go that route. Wrong choice. I should have stayed at home and watched Angelina Jolie on cable. That was the day I got raped. The decision not to continue watching Girl, Interrupted and getting interrupted to go to his house was the decision that led to that assault. And here we are. No one wins at war. And make no mistake, as women our bodies are the battlefield. In reality I know that is … Continue reading Girl, Interrupted