5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

London Mind Fit is my mental health website where I discuss all things related to mental wellness! Since I launched the site I have wanted to start an interview segment called “5 Questions With” and it finally came to life with this Kibbi Linga interview! Kibbi Linga is an artist in Los Angeles with a talent for the visual arts and a genuine ability to captivate her audience. The way Kibbi includes her followers in her journey by capturing her therapeutic artistic process is remarkable and the stunning visuals she creates are equally as fascinating! Check out 5 Questions With…. … Continue reading 5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

Writing Services Free Of Charge for COVID-19 Help

If anyone needs writing done for their businesses at this time, I am offering my writing services free of charge. Whether it’s for constructing sensitive e-mails to staff or the public, informative articles or anything that requires the written word, my services are available to you. I have years of professional writing experience, strength in political analysis and mental health consciousness. If you or anyone you know needs a writer on their team right now please send an e-mail to ariellelondonma@gmail.com. Wishing everyone a safe social distancing. Continue reading Writing Services Free Of Charge for COVID-19 Help

New Music: Love Rehab

Part of the recording process is the releasing of the material. It starts often in a dimly lit room with a pen and a paper, then to the booth and from there out to the ears of the public. I think the artist in me loves the creative part of the process the most. That being said, there is a different type of vulnerability you have to combat every step of the way. Here is another raw song from me with production by Scar called Love Rehab: See what I mean? – Arielle London Continue reading New Music: Love Rehab

Is the painting done or nah?

A huge part of the creative process is knowing when to finish a piece. What makes you decide that a painting is done? How do you know when to step out of the booth in the studio? When is an article edited to it’s fullest? These are questions artists ask themselves all of the time. Looking at this picture, what do you see? At the end of the day the decision is up to me whether or not to continue working on the painting, but do you think it is complete? Does it send a message or a vibe to … Continue reading Is the painting done or nah?