5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

London Mind Fit is my mental health website where I discuss all things related to mental wellness! Since I launched the site I have wanted to start an interview segment called “5 Questions With” and it finally came to life with this Kibbi Linga interview! Kibbi Linga is an artist in Los Angeles with a talent for the visual arts and a genuine ability to captivate her audience. The way Kibbi includes her followers in her journey by capturing her therapeutic artistic process is remarkable and the stunning visuals she creates are equally as fascinating! Check out 5 Questions With…. … Continue reading 5 Questions With…Kibbi Linga

DAY 20: Peace of Mind With Taraji

I am officially 2/3 of the way through my 30 day challenge and I can tell you that I definitely notice a difference in my day-to-day routine thus far. Still, I will save the observations and conclusions for the end of the 30 days. When I have officially completed my goal. Tonight I wrote an article on my mental health website London Mind Fit about Taraji P. Henson’s new show on Facebook Watch called Peace of Mind With Taraji. I felt compelled to write the piece for a few reasons which I explain in detail throughout the article. I am … Continue reading DAY 20: Peace of Mind With Taraji

30 Day Challenge!

Tonight I found myself on LinkedIn which led me to watch a series of TED talks under the playlist “For those who want to break out of their shell.” It’s not that I feel like I have to break out of my shell per se, but a person can never hurt from having a lil’ more of a push when it comes to embracing their full selves. And so, without hesitation I followed the link and clicked on Matt Cutts’ talk, “Try Something New for 30 Days.” I had been thinking about embarking on a 60 day challenge, so this … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge!