How The #FreeBritney Movement Just Might Work

The #FreeBritney movement is definitely one that is close to my heart. And so, for my first article with Goalcast I wrote about the #FreeBritney movement and why it just might actually work! To read the article click here. Continue reading How The #FreeBritney Movement Just Might Work

DAY 1: Fly, Firefly

When I decided to embark upon a 30 day challenge which, includes posting to my blog for every one of those 30 days, I instantly knew where to begin: Firefly. Firefly is a poem written by Jungle Flower, a warrior poet who is dear to my heart. Jungle Flower is the founder of Reclaim Your Voice, an organization that provides safe spaces for abuse victims to tell their stories. RYV events are incredibly healing for survivors to openly discuss and share their own stories while also hearing the stories of others. The events are transformative and cathartic experiences. I came … Continue reading DAY 1: Fly, Firefly

Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

The thing about putting out music is that you change. You evolve. Over time we grow and in my case as I have grown my mind has cemented. That might sound unattractive to some, but those who know mental anguish know that they may have prayed for that cement to finally come into place. I planned my structure, my mind was in ruins, and not by my own torch burning. COVID tested a lot of us, myself included, but I knew I was being confined to my own home…I had been through worse. I worried about the women and children … Continue reading Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)

I found my ground going through my triggers, not by avoiding them. I dismantled them from root to end to discover they only had power because I gave it to them. As a singer I couldn’t abandon music even when it was misleading me mentally as it was one of my triggers. I dove head first into the recording process and learned about the very thing that was nurturing unhealthy patterns of thought. I learned about music by doing what was at first uncomfortable as a beginner again, watched documentaries and engrossed in discographies. I delved into literature on trauma, … Continue reading Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)