DAY 16: I Am A Feminist

Regardless of how that headline makes you feel, I am a feminist. I am a proud feminist at that, one who believes in equality between genders in all regards. It comes with the package of being a human rights advocate but also just a conscious mind. I was reflecting on someone that I know, a male who is clearly not a feminist, and how he would react to my wearing a t-shirt that solely reads the word “FEMINIST” in capitals and bold lettering. Personally, I think the shirt would get to him, but like I said when I started this … Continue reading DAY 16: I Am A Feminist

DAY 4: International Human Rights Day

Today is International Human Rights Day. To me, this day is a version of Christmas without the gifts and eggnog. Instead, in the early hours of the morning, I found myself sipping tea and watching one of my favourite professors Dr. Saladin Meckled-Garcia give a lecture on genocide denial. With specific focus on Holocaust denial, Dr. Meckled-Garcia speaks on this controversial but important topic in his UCL Lunch Hour Lecture. When I was a student of Dr. Meckled-Garcia’s, I had the privilege of attending his lectures and reaped the benefits of his expansive inquiring mind. I would encourage you to … Continue reading DAY 4: International Human Rights Day

This Week’s Human Rights Report

“I’m enraged with emotion, do you fear it’s insincere? I dropped a grenade on the floor, watched it explode had no fear.” – Arielle London This past week we have seen horrific stories develop in the news. Every week the news cycle presents stories of systemic failures but this week I’d like to highlight three stories. The first, reports of mass hysterectomies taking place at an ICE detention center in Georgia, USA. The second, the rape and murder of a 5-year old girl in Pakistan. The third, the rape of a mother on a highway in front of her children … Continue reading This Week’s Human Rights Report