DAY 23: 100 Unsung Prayers

100 Unsung Prayers A poem by Arielle London Breathe in a holiday Breathe out a moment to sleep You relinquish thoughts You preach your wrongs You even rap in your dreams Tell me Why does it always start the same And end somewhere so deep Did you lose your way Along the space Or time continuum Where did it lead? Are you the one Without the sun Shining down On your pretty physique Perhaps you are Maybe you’re too far From where the UV rays can reach I miss the days He said my name Its something So small to … Continue reading DAY 23: 100 Unsung Prayers

DAY 1: Fly, Firefly

When I decided to embark upon a 30 day challenge which, includes posting to my blog for every one of those 30 days, I instantly knew where to begin: Firefly. Firefly is a poem written by Jungle Flower, a warrior poet who is dear to my heart. Jungle Flower is the founder of Reclaim Your Voice, an organization that provides safe spaces for abuse victims to tell their stories. RYV events are incredibly healing for survivors to openly discuss and share their own stories while also hearing the stories of others. The events are transformative and cathartic experiences. I came … Continue reading DAY 1: Fly, Firefly