DAY 10: Greek Isles

About a year and a half ago I was working a job that I absolutely despised. And at this job that I absolutely despised was a coworker that I disliked even more. He was a loud older man compared to his younger counterparts and he always seemed to have a negative spin on everything. At the time I was a cigarette smoker and I was sitting outside on a break enjoying a cigarette when all of a sudden said coworker was all up in my space with his hand out. My headphones were on and blasting so I didn’t notice … Continue reading DAY 10: Greek Isles

Is the painting done or nah?

A huge part of the creative process is knowing when to finish a piece. What makes you decide that a painting is done? How do you know when to step out of the booth in the studio? When is an article edited to it’s fullest? These are questions artists ask themselves all of the time. Looking at this picture, what do you see? At the end of the day the decision is up to me whether or not to continue working on the painting, but do you think it is complete? Does it send a message or a vibe to … Continue reading Is the painting done or nah?