Arielle London is an artivist. An author, artist and activist, political philosophy filters throughout most of Arielle’s work where she aims to engage her audience in an entertaining way about current events and social issues.

Arielle pursued a Master’s degree in Human Rights at the UCL School of Public Policy in England in 2011. It was during that year that A. began to sing again. It had been 12 years since she last took the stage and at a business function in Paris, Arielle got on the mic and started singing. When she returned to London she began to nurture her voice and explore music.

Back in Canada after her studies, Arielle focused on writing and composed her first book series “Herstory”. Arielle has contributed to multiple websites including Thought Catalog, Mogul, Global Grind, HotNewHipHop, AskMen and Goalcast. She is a Mogul Influencer. 

As a musician, Arielle is both a singer and a rapper. A heavy lyricist, A. published her first studio single “Exhibit A” in February 2016 on Soundcloud.

Her most recent single “How Do I” was released across platforms worldwide in November 2021.

Her latest EP “Verbal Jurisdiction: Part 1” was released in September 2020.

Arielle creates mostly abstract paintings. She paints with a love for variant colors and contrast. Using acrylic on canvas she creates a world in every image with a different intention, story or emotion.

Filtered throughout Arielle London’s work is her poli sci background. Prior to obtaining the M.A. from UCL, Arielle completed a Bachelor’s in Political Science at McGill University. Ever-curious she continues to learn with the world about the new political climate we find ourselves in everyday. She is also an advocate for mental health.

In April 2021, Arielle London published her very first book on Amazon titled “Do You See You?” The memoir, detailing a pivotal time In Arielle’s Life, is available in both ebook and paperback format.

Arielle is a multi-dimensional person. To learn more, explore these pages.