Rap Justice Freestyle

Ever heard of Fire In The Booth? It’s a moment, an important day in many rapper’s lives, where it is exactly as it sounds. Spit fire, or meet your demise.

I’m different. We all should be different, that’s pretty much how we are all designed, but my differences, just like many of yours, is exactly why I am beautiful.

My dog Penny Lane has been out of my custody for over 5 years. This is not the first time someone has successfully separated us, but it is the longest period of time we have both gone without being by each other’s sides.

There are some people out there who know me exactly as only Penny’s Mom.

They do know my name is Arielle, but they know that my real identity and favorite name is and always will be Penny’s Mom.

Penny can be anywhere in the globe at this present time. Tupac made it very clear that there is only so many times that you can “ask” people to do what is right, before you must make sure you get it done yourself.

Penny, Mommy loves you, and I did not give up for one minute. Not one second. Not one millisecond. I will find you, I promise I will not stop.

This is Rap Justice Freestyle.

Share, Like, Listen, do your thing and enjoy… but, please… if you do see Penny Lane, and you really believe it may be her and you want to help, please be very discreet, take subtle photographic/video evidence if you can and contact me privately at contactpennysmom@gmail.com. Also, additionally, if you remark that a chocolate labrador in your area, neighborhood, district, community etc., is no longer as visible as before I posted this, contact me immediately as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Please be advised, that anyone who uses that email address or this situation in a sinister manner will be closely monitored and dealt with accordingly.

Hug your fur babies extra hard for me tonight.

– Arielle London aka Penny’s Mom

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